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Drilling Rigs

Based on years manufacturing experience, CP International, Inc. can supply the rigs from 500 HP to 3000 HP which can be truck mounted, trailer moved or skid type.
As per China Petroleum Industrial Standard, we define the rig model as below:

① “ZJ” means Drilling rig; “XJ” means workover rig;
② Nominal well depth with 4-1/2” DP by hundred meters;
③ Static hook load in kN;
④ Rig dirve type, “L” means mechanical chain drive, “D” means Electrical SCR drive, “DB” means Electrical VFD drive;
⑤ Rig move type, “C” means truck mounted, “T” means trailer moved, if lack, means skid type.

List of Petroleum Drilling Equipment Products
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Drilling Rigs
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1. SCR Drilling Rigs

● The drawworks is driven by two DC motors with 4+4R step-less speed, and reversal will be realized by DC motor reversal.
● The mud pump is driven by DC motors, which are mounted on the rear skid of mud pump, with V-belt transmission and simple structure.
● The independent driven rotary table runs with 1+1R/2+2R step-less speed and reversal will be realized by DC motor reversal.
● The world popular AC-SCR-DC drive technology is used.
● K type mast is suitable for install top drive system.
● Sling shot or swing up substructure and mast are used so that all the equipment can be installed at lower position.

Models and Specifications