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Drilling Rigs

4. Big & Easy Drilling Rigs

Big & Easy rigs (BE770 and BE550 are available) are new conceptual AC VFD drilling rigs, featuring special module, trailer-mounted structure and fast transportation.
● The parts, such as drawwoks, substructure, supporting seat, mast and power skid are trailer-mounted modules, and can be assembled and installed on site.
● The mast raised by hydraulic cylinder can be divided into three sections. Mast foundation section is connected by pin, while the upper and middle section are extended and retracted mechanically.
● Parallelogram substructure can be folded into pieces; therefore floor space is quite small.
● It is easy and convenient for integral transportation and installation. The drilling rig can be put into installation position on well site only by six trailers, fast for installation without crane.
● Low-position installed VFD drawworks system is adopted.
● Integral instrumentation and control are centralized in driller’s console.

Models and Specifications

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