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CP International can provide a complete line of products to meet various needs for work over operations
Mast and operation parts are all installed on a chassis which ensure easy installation and fast movement.
Well-known engine and hydro-mechanical transmission are adopted.
Self-propelled chassis are more suitable for complicated oil field conditions.
The integral LEBUS groove in main drum will make lines in good order and avoid intertwist.
Power for chassis and deck operation parts are taken from engine respectively through a transfer case.
Many parts are standardized, thus different equipment can share parts.

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Workover Rig Without Guyline

Workover rigs without guyline are designed for small-scale and fast workover operations. Since it is not necessary to install external windload guylines, operating efficiency is greatly enhanced. They can work at 60 kn of wind in adjustment mode, and 35 kn of wind in operating mode, and are suitable for shallow wells in various oilfields.
The rig is fitted with side turnover and back turnover prevention devices and inclination indicator, thus operation safety is ensured.
● 59 ft (18 m) single mast without wind load guylines in operation mode
● Mast seat fitted with side turnover and back turnover device and inclination indicator
● 6×6/6×4 chassis, with fast movement and good cross-country capacity
● Single drum drawworks, band brake, and main drum with Lebus groove
The technology for rigs without guylines is only suitable for light duty workover rigs.

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